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Building the 75059 Sandcrawler


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I shall live vicariously through you as like many others I'll focus my spending on older sets before they retire.  :twitch:


And holy murphy I didn't realize the box was Death Star size (but it makes sense given the piece count). No way can stores stock it, SSD, DS, Ewok Village, etc... so somethings gotta give.


And the box art gets my vote as the best ever.

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Guest brickcrazyhouse

we're also building it. already started. can you post your extra pieces so we can compare


edit I bet your daughter can fit in the box :)

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Getting started on my end.

Here are 10144 and 75059 box comparison pictures and details.

75059 is nearly 19" tall which is 4" more than 10144.

75059 is 23" wide which is less than 3/4s of an inch larger.

At 7" deep, 75059 is almost double the width of 10144 (4").

Box art design is spectacular for both. I do think 10144 has aged well considering the artwork is from 2004 (box has 2005 but I know from an employee that it was done in 2004). Make no mistake, 75059's design is arguably second to none of all current Lego sets.





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Unpacking :

The Lego boxed was filled to the top (no free space).

There was 1 inner box with it's own bags inside. 24 total numbered bags (17 plus the 7 inside the white box). Minifigs parts are in random bags (in and out of the inner box).

There are quite a few stickers.

The manual isn't overly sturdy. However, the color used on build steps are exception. It is very easy to distinguish medium blue gray elements from dark blue gray from black. The initial couple of pages are very cool. Enjoy the pictures.







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That manual is like how every UCS manual should have looked like in the first place. I could never got over how LEGO could be cheap*** with premium collector's sets. it just doesn't make sense. At least they got it right with the Architecture series. 

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"... And they're off!"

Bags 1 and 2 (2 each) ripped open.

My little guy is helping with bag 1 before his bedtime. Of course, he built all the minifigs already. Ha

The first couple of bags are for the base.


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Completely redesigned interior steering mechanism. Appears to have the same movement radius but far more complex.

Not sure why. 10144's steering was pretty solid and I'm not seeing space savings yet.

Note : One common complaint with 10144 was the amount of interior "play" space lost in this area of the vehicle.

The image directly from eurobricks review.



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Bag 4 in the bag (no pun).

Interesting use of two technic 1x13 hole elements to strengthen pillars made mostly of two sets of 2x2 elements (front corners).

It's currently 13" long and 7" high.

Bottom size plates (8 each side) are held pretty well.



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