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What happened to Brick Owl?

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"BrickLink 2.0" is now just some kind of MOC Shop, which was supposed to go live some days ago (not too sure what happened). The expected general update to BrickLink is now being referred to as "BrickLink 3.0" with no projected release date...


I'm betting more on the growth of BrickOwl these days, hence the software to synchronize inventory on both.

LOL...I just made the name up.  I didn't know they actually used it.  Regardless of the name, 2.0, 3.0, 8.0...People are cheap and won't want to pay more commission, even if the site looks and works better.  

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Like eBay, brick links rules are that your inventory must be uniquely offered on their site. eBay doesn't enforce it (you just get in trouble for not having the inventory you offer, if it has been sold elsewhere, especially under the new defect system.) Bricklink may be more aggressive, and they've already shut Brickowl down once, back when sellers could give BO access to their BL accounts and have their inventory downloaded straight to BOs site.

Any sync service might run into the same wall, it's very true.

Re fee increases, the moc shop does have higher fees (don't remember rate) and I'd be surprised if 3.0 does not as well, when the time comes.

There is money in them there bricks..I have a gut feeling more Bricklink copycats will be developed.

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I'd like to see a better search facility on bricklink. It bugs me a little. Also P&P charges from the beginning and custom results for your country (so you don't get shown items that sellers won't post to your country)

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