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superman battle smallville


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shop for me has the superman battle of smallville for $45 which sound like a nice deal.


i don't have any superheroes sets so i'm tempted


not sure if this set is worth your time considering your location.  the set is "ok" but nothing super duper.  here in the US, it's one of those sets that collect dust in the stores.  the minifigs are nice though. 


note: i haven't built it.

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Mr Freeze and Arctic Batman is the way to go. Why? Because Freeze has a cell in the Arkham Asylum set, but no figure. Those sets naturally go together, and since AA is a collectable 10xxx item, they should do well together.


The same applies for Orthanc and the Orc Forge. Treebeard needs something to smash. Forge is perfect and part of the setting.

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Ive noticed every shop I go to seems to have heaps of this set. Doesnt stand out to me but I am very new to this game.


The arctic batman sounds good but I am yet to find it in aus below retail price. Even at toyworld its not reduced

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