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My Lego Star Wars Collection!


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Looks like you need some more shelf space!  :sorcerer:


Yea! Im asking for a ton of sets for my birthday which is in April so those will fill up the shelf above the sets in the fourth picture. My parents said they will get me some book shelves when i run out of space.

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Sweet collection - it does look like you need a little more space!  You need a big table (or more) to spread these sets out and recreate some scenes.


More tables are definatly not going to fit in my room lol. My room is actually rather small.

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Nice collection! Do you mainly collect Star Wars or do you collect other themes aswell? I myself collect Star Wars too, recently got back into City and just started Castle. I also have 4 Lego Movie sets, planning to get more, and a huge little micro Minecraft world.



I had no idea the Grand Emporium was such a popular hangout in the sat wars universe.


I only collect Lego Star Wars. The only reason I have the Grand Emporium is because my mom got if for me for free. I would have chosen a Star Wars set but I didn't know she was getting it for me.

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