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I am a new lego investor within the last year however, I'd like to think of myself as pretty smart when it comes to buying them on the budget that I have. I see people writing on here how they have 30 of one set or the guy who got 100 VH. What would you give as advice as far as where, or what to pick up. I see a lot of people stating they got amazing deals on some lego's but wondering where these occur as all the places I ever look I find nothing like what I read. The set I have the most of would be the Spidey Chase which I have 9 of I typically go for 3 of each. Thanks for your input and advice in advance!

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I put money away and buy when I see the deals. My Brickfolio is now over $4k and I have just over a 100 sets. I do look at brickpicker daily, I check out online Walmart, Target, TRU and also go to those stores usually weekly I also do what I call Lego Hunting once a month where a friend and I travel over 100 miles away and try to find the deals.

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