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Lego profits soar as it targets girls

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Great article that was just posted in our newsfeed. I am a little tired of this boy thing/girl thing. LEGO is amazing for everyone. I am just glad to see how well this company is doing in a down economy and coming out with new themes for everyone.

LEGO's controversial plan to target girls by introducing Barbie-style Lego pieces has taken off in Europe as global sales soared by 17 per cent.

The Danish toymaker announced a net profit of $745 million in 2011, up from $617 million the year before and said it expected to post "a satisfactory result for 2012", driven in part by its new Lego Friends line - aimed at girls aged five to nine.

The new range, which launches in Australia this month, includes "Stephanie's cool convertible" - a purple car with pink accessories - and the "Butterfly Beauty Shop", with lipsticks, handbags, hair brushes and cupcakes.

Lego's director for the UK and Ireland Drew Brazer told The Guardian the new girls range was selling extremely well so far in Europe as a successful research-driven product involving mums and daughters.

The product sparked a social media backlash when it was announced late last year as angry customers accused the company of playing to female stereotypes.

The campaigners took to the company Facebook page saying the new campaign betrayed Lego

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Yeah, I'm sick of these wacky feminists complaining about the FRIENDS theme. I have a daughter and I love it. I love the colors and the minifigs. I hope Lego sales triple form this theme. These feminists really need to get a life!

I'm sick of the feminists too. They all need a boyfriend or husband. Seriously, the Friends theme is awesome!
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I wish there was a Friends theme when I was a boy! ;-0

LOL. As a woman and mother, I love the Friends theme. Love it. What is wrong with promoting building blocks for girls? I think little boys should play with Barbies also. There is nothing wrong little boys playing with dolls and nothing wrong with girls playing with pink and purple bricks.
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