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Well I for one appreciate him testing TLG.  If Lego doesn't ban him for 90 hearses it means I don't need to worry about my comparatively paltry orders.  Besides I believe he said he has a backup plan with his girlfriends account.  Unfortunately I broke up with my backup plan a couple months ago.

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Received my 4 Hearses and MM today. Ordered on Mar 3.  Order did cancel and then go to Customer service.  

Glad some of you guys are getting Hearses.  If I would have thought there was a chance they would have actually shipped some I would have called and asked why my earlier order got passed over, I just thought they were all going to get canceled.

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Lol it doesn't mean that at all......everyone knows there is no rhyme or reason to the banning process used by TLG.


While we don't know exactly how lego decides to ban people to say there is no rhyme or reason is ludicrous.  That would mean that my brother who buys 3 sets a year has the same chance of being banned as Emazers.  Perhaps I should have said, if Iketart orders 99 hearses and doesn't get banned then I believe the probability of my being banned is so low as to not be worth worrying about. 

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My Zoo was cancelled, but the other little items shipped. When the box got to me, there was 11 Frodo Baggins keychains that I did not order!? Was this an apology for the Zoo cancellation? Did this happen to anyone else?

could be coz your username has 11 in there?  :D

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Ordered a Jabba and Asylum Breakout on March 1.  Both arrived on Friday with a MM.


Ordered a second Jabba on 3/4 and it arrived yesterday with a MM.


My last order on 3/6 for two hearses (didn't want to be greedy) along with two fire helicopters, a helicopter rescue and MM listed as "Partial shipment balance on backorder".  Everything on the order is marked as shipped except the helicopter rescue which shows "Backordered".


As for getting banned, I'm still nervous about ordering more than 2 or 3 of one particular set.  Maybe that's way too conservative, but I like keeping my retail options open.  Getting banned from shop at home would be like driving with "party plates" after a DUI.  Not something I would be proud of.

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