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Give away 1 free ploybag...get 2 free back?! Good story

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Sold a Helms Deep locally to a lady last week, she mentioned she has a young son looking for it...I added one of those cheap  Galaxy polybag from last year as a freebie.  Different theme I know but the buyer was very appreciative with the gesture.  Made decent enough margin already on the flip so might as well. 


And today, made a package deal on local ad, $200 cash for: $200 Indigo gift card (verified), Getaway Glider, Melting Room and Cloud Cuckoo Palace.  Nice deal already I thought.  The seller threw in 2 Lego Movie polybags as bonus :)  Guess I mentioned my 4yr old son and she was being extra nice.  My son was happy.  Told him the 3 sets are gifts for his cousins (true) but he can have the polybags for being a good boy.  He hasn't seen the Lego movie yet...but likes the Getaway Glider set and asked for one on his birthday (along with Arctic Batman).


I'm sure some buyers try to play the 'my kid' card to get a cheaper price or even make it up haha.   

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