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Missing lego pieces

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Got a Funhouse escape from TRU in the mail today and it felt lighter than the other ones I received. Opened it up and sure enough, pieces missing and they even took the "comic book"! :). Couple questions,

1. How do you check to make sure you haven't bough a set that's been tampered with? Weigh it, feel....?

2. When selling sets, do you usually open the sets and have pictures of the sealed bags or sell it sealed?

3. How do you deal with buyers that claim parts were missing?

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1. Check the weight and make sure it matches from the database.

2. Depends. If you list it as sealed and without returns then that should protect you, but you won't have as many people trusting you. You could let them know in the description why you opened it?

3. You can specify sold as is? Have pictures of the item if you opened it, otherwise, sealed is sealed and just specify "sold as is"...

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