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Modular houses - building tips & inspirations


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For anyone following, this topic was originally the "How to build a modular house" with a very nicely detailed walkthrough I had found over at Eurobricks to share here because I felt it was a fantastic resource in aiding anyone who ever wanted to make their own. Well I was thinking lately and the short of it, I wanted to help bring some better usage for this thread therefore I modified it a tad allowing the inclusion of displaying all the different sorts of custom modular house projects one may find across the net in the same manner how the MOC Highlights topic is for all general designs and MOC Alternates is for alternate builds. That way you had a basic guide to start with well as a number of projects to help give some inspiration hence the title change. (You may have noticed the MOC Highlights topic has shrunk a little which is because I moved any modular house design from over there to here.)

Please feel free to post anything fitting within the Cafe Corner standard (32x32), Market Street standard (16x32), or even the 'spite house' standard (8x32). You can still find the How To guide in the main post to peruse. To help kick off the update, here is a double whammy with two stables of delectable desserts in a Krispy Kreme beside a Baskin Robbins.



Baskin Robbins and Krispy Kreme.>Baskin Robbins and Krispy Kreme by tehLEGOman

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Here is a selection of Super Hero themed modular buildings particularly based on actual sets designed by Hay Core. Oh and a Toys R Us just because.








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6928059157_5e9b8b5b9c_b.jpgEmerald House by cimddwc

These gaps ruin everything.

Indeed. I almost didn't post that set because of the messy bits but still I thought some of the overall ideas for aesthetics in the buildings were good albeit difficult to see past the obvious downfalls. At best there should be some decent inspiration to be had and maybe even a little nod towards what not to do.

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Casa e Bar>Casa e Bar by nuno2500


my scoot and bike shop modular (wip)>my scoot and bike shop modular (wip) by geert.vanderbeke


Jewelry Store and Pizzaria by sonicstarlight


Lego Creator Modular Bike Shop and Cafe by Magma.Xenoliths


Added a couple more 'modularized' customs of the base set, 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe.

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Here is a collection of 'mundane' builds to help add some realism to your city.



Building Site by Mr. Tomato Bread


Sewage Pumping Station by Mr. Tomato Bread, on Flickr


Telephone Corner by Mr. Tomato Bread


Gravel Path by Mr. Tomato Bread


Modular Recycling Lot by Mr. Tomato Bread


Gate House by Mr. Tomato Bread

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