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79122 - Shredder's Lair Rescue


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Shredder's Dragon Bike is also doing OK. 


I picked up a few of the Shredder's Lair from LEGO Shop at Home. I also haven't seen many at TRU lately. This is a pretty short shelf life. 


On a related note, it is interesting that a number of the sale items at LEGO Shop at Home were TRU exclusives...this Lair, Lavertus Outland Base, Lego Movie Rescue Reinforcements...probably just coincidence.

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hey guys, just a quick heads up, more popped up this morning for 29.99 (call to check availability)  at Legoshop@home. as well as the original Turtle Lair at $49.99. Lego USA is starting to clear out. similar to ninjago, Turtles sells like gangbusters in Urban USA, some suburbs but doesnt sell as well in europe.


 Bad guy bases/forts tend to do extremely well post EoL such as 7093 Skeleton Tower and 2505 Ninjago Garmadon's fortress. 


I know a lot of folks are on the fence about TMNT but it looks to be following the same exit cycle as the original Batman theme. The theme is quicky on its way out with little warning.  Megabloks turtles are coming out soon (within a year or so at most).


Nickelodeon struck a big deal with megabloks so this theme will help some wise investors retire early. Especially the later sets such as this with a shelf life of 6 months to a year!


the trick is just waiting 2 years and all these sets are easily $150-200 each.  don't sell now guys. That new Turtle lair invasion is an easy $250-300 two years from now. this one is $150-$200 all day by 2016. thats over 6 times the current price of $29.99...

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Sorry to bring back an old topic but my local TRU has some Shredder Lairs for $37 / £24 each.  Is it worth picking this up?  They had about 8 left in stock.



It should do decent over time, but there may be better things to spend you money on, like Ecto-1, AT-AT, or any left over LOTR.

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the first wave of turtles (which this matches) I think has some legs.  and by that I mean I bought enough sets to have every major character for myself, including paying a bit over retail for some.  I am not a fan of the minifig changes in the second wave.  I would say if you can get them at $37 plus additional discounts (TRUTH, GC and 2x Points), then it might be worth picking up a couple.

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