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79006 - The Council of Elrond

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I bought 6 of these at 50% and was wondering what to do with them. Every store I go into has always had a ton of them so I know they don't sell that well, but at 50% and next week 70% of I had to grab some. I like a lot of the pieces in the set like the columns and the chairs. It also has white arches which you don't see too often. I think the playability  of these is poor which is why they aren't selling but parting or just using for MOC's could they be a winner?

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While it certainly doesn't compare to some of the Rivendell mocs out there; i have 1 in my collection on display and i think it's a pretty nice looking set. I'd be all over it at %50-70 off and i hope the Canadian Target follows the US one with the clearance soon on this set (at least it sounds like you're talking about a Target clearance).

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49 minutes ago, CrabslayerT said:

I would disagree, found 4 of these on clearance last year and turned them into 120% profit in a couple of weeks

what's the point? If I got this for $5 a piece in clearance and sold it for $25, that's 400% profit. Does that mean the set has done fantastic?

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