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8129 - AT-AT Walker


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I have a question and perhaps someone more experienced could help me out:  I picked this up NISB in brilliant condition for $195 and don't know whether to hold, build (heh), sell or perhaps trade it here if someone was looking for it.


I lean towards sell it short term or trade it but am struggling with this decision as it may be in the $350 range before a new model comes out and I have never owned an AT-AT model so I don't know what to expect with updated versions.


Thanks for any help (:

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The new one is supposed to be just a tad smaller due to redesigned legs. Hard to say but if it's true the new one is smaller, I'm guessing $250 will be tops you'll get now and that'll dip to 175-190 once the new one comes out. It'll go back up after but probably take a while (ie maybe when the new movies come out).

You could always build it!

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On a slightly different note ya'll better sell your old crappy lil cantina set. I have a feeling this new one will be way better.

I've just asked this in another post, but do you think the inclusion of a speeder in the new cantina set is going to kill off any price rises in 8092 Luke's Landspeeder set?

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