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Quick pick dilemma 10240

Dark Helmet

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Well I have a dilemma on my hands.  My amazon quick picks just put 10240 Red 5 in my box at 5% off.  I know its not a lot $189 vs $199 but it is a deal for a UCS which doesn't go on sale any more. But it has just been released and has a long life ahead.


I'm very tempted but its just not that good of a deal.


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Hmm. Tough choice. No sales tax does offer an advantage, but you could also purchase the set during the next double  VIP points promo that would be about $20 in points per set, plus there might be a promo that goes with it. $180+ promo or $189 with no sales tax. I am leaning toward waiting for double points from Lego.

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