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Name that set!



Went through my old childhood collection.  I was smart enough to put everything with instructions into bags  Some did not have the instructions so I took polaroid pictures of each set....However, they came out blurry and I took them apart before the pictures developed.  So some help would be appreciated! 




(1) post-11671-0-00737200-1390668912_thumb.j 

(2) post-11671-0-02232600-1390668932_thumb.j

(3) post-11671-0-39653900-1390668947_thumb.j

(4) post-11671-0-94258000-1390668964_thumb.j

(5) post-11671-0-66021000-1390668986_thumb.j

(6) post-11671-0-95402200-1390669026_thumb.j

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I think it might be two sets. magic shop for sure is one of them. thanks on that one


if you remove the inventory of Magic Shop, there is not much left except the boat, which in this combination (red with b/w-sail) seems to be found in 6262 only and some mini figures.


Picture 6 may contain 6235 Buried Treasure.

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that's one of the two sets in the bag, thx! Now for that old lego systems city set.


Hunted it down from the pieces! It is actually two sets...


1991 - Racing Pickup



1477 - Red Race Car Number 3



Amazing how much easier that is on the computer than on the phone LOL

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