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Target (AUS) 25% off Lego on line, and 3 for 2 in store!


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Hi Guys,


Just letting you all know that that Target are running 25% off all Lego on-line, and 3 sets for price of 2 in-store.

Offer runs 'till 29th of Jan.

Picked up 4 Batman & Bane tumbler sets and last 2 Spiderman Daily Bugle sets at my local. (6 sets in total) But only paid for 4. Averaged out at $46 each.

Get in quick everyone.

Thinking about going back tomorrow to pick up some larger Star Wars sets!


Good luck

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Its good if your local store actually has lots of lego, sadly mine does not, I had to hit 3 stores. 


Also City and Ninjago has 20% off and it stacks with the BOGO so 50% off total off all new and old City sets. 

I found one store with 2 of the new SW sets and some of the new Super Heroes too. 

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I saw the 20% off City and Ninjago. I assumed it was old ticketing, and didn't bother checking whether it was inclusive with 3 for 2 deal.

Now I have to go back......... I just hope it's not too late. I know it's not the biggest flipper, but I love my City sets!

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I am the same Seanoj. I double checked with a staff member before I stocked up. 


I bought almost the entire new city line for myself, even if I dont build for 50% off a brand new release or any release is gold in my book. If you can find the new Police station or fire station, you could possibly flip them. 

The sale does run for a week ( i did confirm that) and City is what Target has the most off. 

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I have hopes they restock over the weekend as shelves are bare for most sections. The very large boxes are generally the only ones to flip and it is rare we see a 33.3% discount on lego. 


Keep a lookout for Lone Ranger as they have 50% off some sets and the BOGO stacks with them too. Ie LR train for 70 and then add BOGO :)

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