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Walmart Lego general discussion


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5 minutes ago, newbie77 said:

Nothing specific but I believe it did get someone's attention.

Attached below some excerpt. Took out account specific things. 

Long story short they are not playing around and much more professional than target or tru:


We’re pleased that you’ve found Walmart’s low prices a great way to get the quality products you’re looking for.


However, based on your order history, it appears that you’re using Walmart.comspecifically for high-volume purchases. Under the Terms of Use, Walmart reserves the right to limit quantities, and to prohibit sales to dealers or resellers, which include anyone purchasing products for the purpose of commercial sales to a third party.

If you have any questions, please review our Terms of Use here.


Thanks for your understanding.

Were you going around the limits? Most items will only let you order 12 at a time, but you can go back to the page and add 12 more to your cart to get around it.  I've heard of other sellers having problems when doing this.

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1 hour ago, newbie77 said:

19 x21307




all ship to store. 

No order in April or March. 

Thank you for paving the way and giving the heads up, I can't imagine them banning everyone with large orders because it helps them turnover product but knowing they are looking when you go ALL in on price errors is good to know. 

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10 minutes ago, Achilles said:

Uh, how major were these price errors?


not to bad...arch sets for 40% off which is rare to be able to get them that big of discount in such big quantities, But some of them were ship to store only for that price. I got 50 of each and no nasty gram


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10 minutes ago, exciter1 said:

The Morlocks will show no mercy.

Been almost a year since I saw the first one around here.  I was a bit disappointed the 100 clayfaces I ordered didn't come out of the machine but were instead in some lockup somewhere else in the store.  

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