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Toys Toys Toy 40% off sale at Toronto TD Centre downtown


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It's that time again, when Toys Toys Toys inflates their already high "sale" prices by 20% and then has a 40% off sale. Basically the price comes out to what Toys R Us would charge when they have one of their 20% off sales. I typically wait for the Toys R Us sale as they have more selection, but those can be months apart, and Toys Toys Toys does have some sets that are EOL or about to be so I picked up the last 2 X-wings, 2 Mines of Moria, and 2 Unexpected Gatherings as in my experience these are becoming hard to find anywhere now. Even still, there are a few Mines and Goblin Kings, 2 Attack on Weathertops, 3 Jabba's Palace, and 6 Unexpected Gatherings left at this location, amongst other sets. The newer sets from various themes are also on sale and in good supply but I will wait for a better sale elsewhere (I'm looking at you Target).

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