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Seasonal sets for Halloween


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I have been a big fan of these sets and tonight my youngest son took some out to play with and it really got me thinking about Halloween. I am no wondering if Lego will continue in Halloween sets like they have with the Christmas sets. Wouldn't if be wonderful if they started to create a new set every year for the holiday. If so I would think it would be very popular as well as help out with this line of sets. I know a pipe dream but it really would enhance these sets.

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That would be fantastic. I could see a Halloween village with all the spooky attractions on display in many a home, with the haunted house and vampire castle as the centerpieces. A graveyard, a black lagoon, a city morgue, an evil church, etc etc are some buildings that come to mind. Writing this makes me think of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas for some reason.

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that is my favorite part of the movie, orcking. thanks for posting. I have never seen the Marilyn manson version before. that was sweet.

It is pretty cool, isn't it? :biggrin: You're welcome. I listened to the cover album "Nightmare Revisted" and have to say out of the entire soundtrack only three were actually good including "This is Halloween" performed by Marilyn Manson. As for the rest, I have no idea. Either the lead singer sounded as though they were simply going through the motions and/or the whole track did not manage on capturing the original essence but that's just me.

I posted the complete original soundtrack and cover album here for anyone wanting to listen for themselves.

The only other good ones from "Nightmare Revisted" was these two in my opinion.

Korn - Kidnap the Sandy Klaws


Amy Lee - Sally's Song


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When is the best time to start selling Halloween related stuff? I was not around last year. Or does everything sell better at christmas, even Halloween stuff, like vampyre castles, ghost trains, etc.


I have found that halloween has no effect. christmas is better.


However retired sets may take a dip around then just because not every retired set is  a big holiday item. More years they are retired seems to = less of a holiday bump.

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