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79010 - The Goblin King Battle

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You still need this set if you want to collect all 13 dwarves.  So, I think over time it will go up, but like most hobbit, and LOTR sets, this is a 4 to 5 year investment to really make money on them.  The reseller market is thinning out, but slowly.  Already some of the first wave LOTR and Hobbit sets (minus this one, and the barrel escape) are starting to show signs of going up. 

The Lonely Mountain, Dol Guldor Battle, Black Gate, and Council of Elrond all just went EOL last november, and they are showing signs of potentially doubling within a year. 

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I'm on the opposite side of the fence - clear winner in my mind at 50% off in the future.  Perhaps part of the problem is psychological - when there are plenty on store shelves and discounts are huge

I am on the opposite side as many are on this set.  I believe that once this is done, it will be one of those that you wished you would have purchased.  At 50% off to me this is a no brainer.  I don't

I agree.  People have a herd mentality and want to buy what everyone else is buying fulfilling their own prophecy.  Sound investing is doing your due diligence on risk, price, longevity, demand/

4 minutes ago, exciter1 said:

I don't recall that one?  Y-Wing and Palps Arrest were though.

Y-Wing was the best free set ever.  Maybe I just remembered it wrong since this set was available on TRU.com forever and ever

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