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5888 - Ocean Interceptor


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they seem to be averaging $55-$65 inc. postage

Based on this, you should be able to clear $10 or so each, provided you can sell on the higher end. Just thinking:

$60 selling price - ~$9 (15% ebay/paypal fees) = $51


Right off the bat that leaves you with only $21 , minus your taxes (not sure where you are) and postage. You get $10 profit if you can account for both of those as being $11. Not sure if you can. $65 would be a more comfortable selling price I`d think, but this set is still going up in value. May be worth picking up to see if it will reach $75-$100 by next Christmas. Dino has only been gone a year, and this is a nice set, it shouldn`t have issues reaching this price point in time. That said, if you manage to get $10 profit each at a $30 + tax buy in, you make about 30% profit now anyway, which is nothing to complain about  :thumbsup:

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Wasn't it a toy's r us exclusive ?


If you can have some for MSRP (about 35e ?), it may be ok...


29e => ok

39e => I would pass


As for me, I would only take like 2 or 3 sets (yes it's few) because I don't think it's a very seeked after set.

(do you remember that I was unable to sell my DINO HQ for months at MSRP ?)


Selling them for 49e seems realistic for europe, maybe 59e if you are lucky and not in a hurry.

The ROI doesn't seem so cool if you have to wait for 6 month to be able to sell one. Such sets upset me, I feel like they stare at me and laugh, and when I can get rid off, hearing them say "ah ah ah you kept us this long and only made 5 euros ah ah ah".




That's why I would say "yes" if you already have other dino sets because you could pair them with another set, it might help them to be sold... until a new dino theme comes.

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