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21201 - Life of George 2

Jeff Mack

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Life of George also scores your creation when you take a picture of it using the background grid that comes with the set. This allows you to play against yourself for better scores or play against others for highest score (scoring includes time to build as well).

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Here is the LEGO promo on their youtube channel.

Basically, the box comes with a set amount of pieces and a special 'scan' mat. You download the app to your iPhone, select a building challenge, then a picture of a small design comes up and you only have so much time to build it. Then place your design on the mat, align the shot, take a picture and you're supposed to get points depending on how much time it took to build and how closely it resembles the design in the pic. I've never played the game myself but it is interesting concept.

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I just got a copy today and this game is really fun. It takes a little getting used to at first with the scanning but really if you have a smartphone you need this game. Yeah, it says ages 8+ but I'm 28 and I'm having a ball with it. You get it and you never get stuck without a lego set to build. Just sit down for a few minutes and build a couple of the simple designs this thing throws at you. It's really cool

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