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Free PAB Boxes Discussion - What to get?

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So I didn't know this - and maybe it shouldn't have been this way - but my store told me the christmas PAB boxes were given out for every 75$ you spend, not 1 per purchase.


I got 4!


So now my delimna is - I don't know crap about single bricks. I am totally a set guy. Mine are going to probably be for resale, but for those of you who are experts, what should those of us looking to just offset the costs of what we bought to get them buy?


- What colors? Easy to sell? etc.


I was thinking about getting the bigger bricks in a weirded color. The way the box is set up, I bet you could fill one pretty well.


I am sure EightBrick has a way to get 300 in one of those things. lol

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Dark Tan and Light Bluish Grey do very well. Especially the latter. Rare colours like sand green as well. People love to build scenery and anything that goes with that has value. Plants for sure. You can stuff thousands of flowers into a large PAB container, and a significant amount into those small little boxes as well, but go for the hard to find colours if possible. Basically anything that isn`t really concentrated in a set and tough to obtain large amounts. 


I managed to buy close to 25,000 for these last month during double VIP last month (I`m not exaggerating, nearly filled 2 large Ziploc freezer bags). The sales associate handed me the case in the back, which was already opened, and let me sit there for close to 2hrs packing containers full of stuff. When I sorted them out I filled the containers separately and reached the equivalent of 4 1/2 containers worth of them alone.1x1s make incredible fillers, so keep that in mind whilst packing your box if you get any weird elements that aren`t square. If you do go for square elements, then packing is very simple. Keep some tiles handy to place on top of the columns of bricks if you lay them sideways, for maximum capacity. 

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If you're planning on selling them on eBay, check my eBay parts category in my store, DoNot - all those configurations sell very well for me at those prices. Basic bricks, single color, 40 or 50 in a listing.


That is seriously funny. I was just looking through your stuff because I knew you sold bricks.


Oh and for you and everyone else reading the thread, ill go off topic for a second- I bought a DDR MOC from Justafrog because I am a nerd. It is INCREDIBLE for a small MOC. I love it. Awesome price too.


Have it at my desk at work - not one person that has seen it has not asked me "I haven't seen that set before, thats awesome! Where did you get it?" etc. They think Lego created it - so you obviously have talent. :)

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