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Selling sets on Bricklink VS. eBay


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I've had mixed results selling sealed sets on Ebay. I list under an established ID under normal free auction listings for typically top dollar. Not in rush to make sales or I'd list at a lower price point. Would this method be better served by selling on Bricklink? I've never bought or sold on that site before. Any input would be appreciated!

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Check the prices of your sets against eBay (sold) listings and Bricklink 6 month sales averages. Keep in mind the fees on eBay will be 7% or so higher than on Bricklink. 


In general, I find I can get better money on eBay for certain Lego parts (most do better on Bricklink), all Lego minifigs, and all Lego sets.


In my experience, the average buyer on Bricklink is simply savvier about Lego purchasing and will not pay as much as random new collectors, people buying for gifts, etc. you'll find on eBay.


If you have duplicates of the same sets, though, no harm in listing both places to see which does better for you.

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