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Nice Lego Deals (UK - CAN)


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I know some of you have probably been checking these out, but amazon.co.uk has had some really nice deals on sets that make a lot of sense to buy and ship to Canada.


In the last couple of days (they keep yo-yo-ing between sale prices) I've been excited to score the following:


Cargo Heliplane 60021 - 40% off, minus VAT for international buyer - came to 16.67 a piece, plus shipping.  Each additional item shipped only adds 2 pounds, so better to order 3 or so to spread the shipping cost around per unit. 


Coast Guard Plane 60015 - 40% off, minus VAT for international buyer - came to 16.67 a piece, plus shipping.  This is a target exclusive (I believe) and I haven't seen too many in the wild in Canada, so this is a nice buy for me.


Duel on Geonosis - the CAN retail price of 59.99 + tax makes this a nice steal.  Keep an eye on amazon and I'm sure it will pop back up again in the future.  I got three shipped for under 50 pounds.  I think that is pretty good for the minifigs included in the set!  I think it was 56 or 58% off...



Even if some have import customs fees (some do and some don't when I buy from amazon.uk) I'll still be well ahead of anything I can get in Canada.

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