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Hero Factory 2014

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Canadian Walmart continues on bringing out the spoilers to next year's offerings with this time for Hero Factory!

The Brick Fan

STORMER Freezer Machine (44017)


FURNO Jet Machine (44018)


ROCKA Stealth Machine (44019)


FLYER Beast vs BREEZ (44020)


SPLITTER Beast vs FURNO & EVO (44021)


EVO XL Machine (44022)


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I don't know about these at all... My kid will probably love them, but I miss the days of the big figures like Black Phantom & Witch Doctor. The last "big" set was Speeda Demon; it came out last summer (2012)!

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That makes 2 of us. For instance, Witch Doctor is 300+ pieces. Black Phantom is like 140. Black Phantom is worth almost 2x more. But BP was only available for around 6 months.... The only current set I'm stocking is Speeda Demon. I have no idea what kind of returns to expect, especially since it's been out for a year and a half. I do know that the bigger HF figures are freaking awesome. I've built Phantom, Witch, Speeda, Rocka XL, Von Nebula, Rotor, and Fire Lord. My top three are Witch, Speeda, and Phantom. If you can find a Witch Doctor for ~$30-40, buy and build it. I promise you wont be disappointed.

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Hi people.....i was in the kaufhoff today in Munich and they have all the new hero factory sets already marked down from 15 euros to 9.99 euros!! I bought acouple for my kid but i dont really like the line.......but im surprised they are already like 34% off? anyone else seen them?

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A new polybag has surfaced and oddly enough, it is a Hero Factory one! I don't recall ever seeing a store bought polybag for the theme before that wasn't just a measly accessory pack so this is a first. No word as to where it is available yet but hopefully something will turn up in due time.

Via The Brick Fan



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After a good while of nothing, here are some reviews on the last bit of sets for the theme.

Number: 44023 Name: Rocka Crawler Pieces: 49 Retail: $9.99


Number: 44024 Name: Tunneler Beast vs Surge Pieces: 59 Retail: $9.99


Number: 44025 Name: Bulk Drill Machine Pieces: 113 Retail: $14.99


Number: 44026 Name: Crystal Beast vs Bulk Pieces: 83 Retail: $14.99


Number: 44027 Name: Breez Flea Machine Pieces: 102 Retail: $14.99


Number: 44028 Name: Surge & Rocka Combat Machine Pieces: 188 Retail: $24.99


Number: 44029 Name: Queen Beast vs Furno, Evo, & Stormer Pieces: 217 Retail: $34.99


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My son loves these.


The minifigures won me over.


The Hero Factory theme is now gone from the UK lego store.


Again, if you had your eye on any now is the time to grab them.


I've was struggling to find Rocka's Stealth Mech, now he just needs the S&R Combat machine to complete his collection.


@TheOrcKing. Never seen that polybag before. Shame I can't find any to buy.


Regards Alpha.

Edited by Alpha13snake

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