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TRU.ca free City Lawn Mower with $30 purchase


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For us Canadians...free neat little lawn mower with $30 Lego building set purchase.  Looks like a cool vehicle build.  In the flyer starting tomorrow.   


Just in time for Halloween and you horror/Walking Dead/zombie fans, put some red nail polish on the mower blades and act out a zombie scene with minifig parts/pieces scattered. 

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Guest eightbrick

Thanks for the heads up weakside. Lol I was thinking about that Walking dead thing and remembered this set:



The blades were perfectly placed so that if you ran it hard enough you could knock a pre-loosened figure in half. And so my Lego hobby lost its innocence... xD

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The lawnmower is nice, but doesn't have the same cool tie in factor as last year's ghost & zombie polys.  TRU Canada needs more exclusive polys to suck my money into their coffers.

agreed.  Nice but nothing exclusive about it and our friends in the US already have this.  I won't be buying anything from TRU for this poly.  With the NHL season here we need a hockey theme poly or something similar.  I'm guessing there has been a zamboni Lego set made before haha. 


Makes me think...if Lego made a huge hockey rink modular it would be the best selling set in CAN for the holidays hands down.     

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Guest eightbrick

Yeah, I wish we got something like the Canada post trucks again:


This (and the other CP set) are definitely on my list of wanted oldies. Awesome!

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