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Monsters vs Zombies


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One of the knockoff brands quite possibly trying to capitalize on halloween sales as well as mimic Lego's Monster Fighters theme, check out what Cobi/Character Building did.




Beast from the Bayou


Burial Chamber


Wolfman's Lair


Ghost Ship


Haunted Crypt




House of Terrors (1 of 2 versions)


Laboratory of Doom


Vampire Castle


Cobi's home page if you wish to see the rest of their stuff.

You can actually buy most of it from Amazon directly and other sites like ThinkGeek.

I have no idea if it is related or not but there is a free to play online webgame called "Monsters vs Zombies".

Oh, and there was going to be a game called "Monster Truck vs Zombies" now cancelled.


Doesn't matter much cause "Earn to Die" happened anyway. :D


....Okay, I'm done. :P

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You have to explain this... I do not see any sets looking very similar!


Seriously? They are almost blatant copies of what LEGO released. Quality wise? No. But design of the sets? Absolute rip-off. 


I mean there's a Swamp Monster with a hovercraft that looks like they made no effort to conceal this fact.

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Swamp one I give you, in terms of the monster and glade glider thing. But the rest... They aren't 'similar' in that you would mistake one for the other, or in that it wouldn't matter which one you chose...

Saying they are very similar is rather an offense to our beloved lego.

Maybe this is just a case of semantics though...

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Mega Blocks has their own zombie version now too - Cityville Zombies. Also junk. Anyone else seen these?

That's Kre-o's new line; Cityville Invasion.


I have no idea what the actual 'game' is but those figures and set designs are such monkey poo. Speaking of which....


So pitiful. It's like watching zoo apes try to paint a version of the Mona Lisa. Though that's probably insulting to the efforts of the zoo apes.

It is pretty bad when you can have a chimp flinging his own 'scat' around creating a personal Pollock and actually be considered a work of art compared to these.


The packaging makes me want to die!

No, don't! Then you'll turn into a zombie and be stuck in limbo with nothing but Cobi bricks!!!! :frantics:
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I'm a big Halloween guy, so after getting all the Monster Fighters sets, I went out and got a couple of the competing sets.  I have one of the Kre-O Cityville Invasion sets (some sort of castle with a vampire) and I have the Graveyard Cobi/CB set shown above.  


The Kre-O set is garbage--the pieces hurt my hands just trying to build it (literally--after a few pieces, my finger and thumb were raw).  The figures are also LEGO microfigure scale, and the building is apparently an even smaller scale.  The play feature is that the set vibrates and the guys are supposed to move around on their own (like that old football game from decades ago).  It doesn't work though.


The Cobi/CB set isn't bad.  The quality is pretty high, though not up to LEGO standards.  The build is pretty lame with very little creativity (I think the actual build is where LEGO earns every cent of its value).  The skeleton minifig is decent, and he glows in the dark, so there's that.  He fits in better with LEGO minidolls though, as he's clearly not the same type of build as a minifigure.  The light grey used is also a little too bright and cheerful for a darker set.  Overall though, it's not too bad.


I also have a Mega Bloks Call of Duty zombie set.  The zombies look pretty neat, though they're a little too realistic to fit in well with LEGO.  The build was just a downed power line, so I can't really judge based on that alone.


Finally, I grabbed a Light Brix haunted house thing.  The light up feature is not great, and the build is fragile, but it's a pretty cool set and fits in best with the LEGO Halloween display I have.

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