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Legends of Chima 2014

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Just watched the season finale, there's probably going to be 4 more legend beast sets of the 8 main tribes in the 1st season later on next year.  They are supposed to be fighting the Tribe of the Black Cloud in the second season.  The only new tribes are the bat and (is that a spider?) shown in the pictures above.  There's going to be more tribes for sure.  Looks like Shadowind is the exile lion since the speedor set shows his face for the first time.  From the looks of it, there's going to be substantial amount of minifigures to collect.  Still unsure about investing in these.  Keeping some Lion Temples just in case.  

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I'm not in Chima stuff but I feel a high investing potential in this big baby.

Now we have official images for the Summer 2014 Chima sets! via Brickset:           I really think that the Chima theme is

Better than getting 'friend zoned'. :resent:

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Chima has been a flop, and that's why they are bringing back Ninjago.  The storylines about the animal tribes was too complex for kids to follow.


My 5 year old gets it.  If Chima sets falter, it is because boys grow up and get interested in superheroes and star wars, not because of overly complicated plots.

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Here are Brickset reviews for the Legend Beasts.

Name: Lion Legend Beast Number: 70123 Pieces: ? Retail: $9.99


Name: Eagle Legend Beast Number: 70124 Pieces: ? Retail: $9.99


Name: Gorilla Legend Beast Number: 70125 Pieces: ? Retail: $9.99


Name: Crocodile Legend Beast Number: 70126 Pieces: ? Retail: $9.99


Name: Wolf Legend Beast Number: 70127 Pieces: ? Retail: $9.99


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I was not a fan of this line, but after lego Christmas from hell I really like it. My boys think they are great. And now they want all of them. This is the exact same thing that happened with Ninjago and them. I have enjoyed building these more too. I also think the bases for the tribes are a big selling point to young kids as well as tins of vehicles. The speeder things are great for fig and pieces at half off. Don't see money in them but playability for sure. I am going to load up now on many of these. They play with these much more then any other theme except Ninjago. Plus they always want the cartoon on. This and Ninjago could be equivalent to many of the stuff we grew up on. Star Wars, turtles, transformers, ***.i.joe, etc. I think if they knee these lines alive for a few years they will create big niche with many children and down the road maybe will remember the lion caste or croc boat and base.

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Chima is a winner. Sets are too well done to fail.


I love these new ones. That spider and scorpion are awesome and the bases go well with them. Gonna be winners. 


I am starting in on Chima. Man how I would love to have that first line of ninjago sets. Not gonna miss out on these.

What exactly is the bases? I am just paying attention to Chima and am curious what sets constitute a base? Thanx in advance

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The big ones right now seem to be the The lion temple, the croc hideout base, the croc boat, and the wolf lair.  My boys think the two main ones are awesome and can not keep telling me how much they like them.  With the new sets coming I think the new lion jungle base and spider cavern will be big.  The only problem is there is just way to many sets from first wave.  I think going to have to pick and choose.  For the 2nd wave those silly animals with the chima guys riding them looked blah, but after showing to my two young boys it is all they want.  Take that for what it is worth.  


I will be putting away the gorilla mech thing 70008, the lion temples 70010, croc boats 70006, croc lair 70014, wolf lair 70009,  ultra striker 70013.  Worse case very cool pieces in most the sets.  

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