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Say cheese! Nice pic!


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Someone uses the word "naked" and everyone runs to look. :frantics::laugh:



well, i broke the man rule myself and googled the pic.  ha.  i just saw rolls of flesh. oh well...



I had to google image that. bahahahahahahahahahahaha



So this reminded me of an awesome and most likely dangerous game I play at work with a few of my... ahem... esteemed colleagues.


We like to use pictures to express sarcasm, make fun of people, make some dumass point about something, you know intelligent stuff. 


For example, one day one of the guys at work was complaining at my office mate because he hadn't reset a piece of equipment he was using. He said he understood but the guy kept going on about it over email and copying the whole group to call him out. So instead of replying with some type of rebuttal, he just started sending back a picture of the scene in office space where they break all the office equipment with bats - except that the office equipment was replaced with a dead horse. I think you get it.


So anyway, I came up with a rule to make the "game" more interesting. Whenever someone goes to google image to grab a picture to send out to everyone, you google the word and then you HAVE to use the first picture that comes up. You have no choice in the matter. this may seem stupid, but it is insanely hilarious because you just never know what you will get.

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