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Monetary value vs. play value

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I have been considering selling my Greedo minifigure from set 4501.  His value after fees will probably be around 20 bucks on a good day.  I will most likely never let or put this figure into play for it's value and I consider selling it in favor of getting more sets that will be enjoyed on a greater scale.  A person can get a lot of nice sets for 20.00 at MSRP or on sale even.  Anyone else ever have similar thoughts.

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I would have thought shooting Greedo under the table never gets old, regardless of who fired first. Coincidentally, just the other day a friend of mine and I were just discussing how there are no alien minifigures from the famous bar scene other than Greedo. What a great playset an expanded bar scene could be, especially if it came with the bar-tender and a few other aliens.

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It's always a consideration when you're a collector as well as a seller. End of the day, you have to look at the shiny object and compare it to the potential shiny stack of coins you'd get for it and decide which one is really more attractive.


For me, as a book reader, I tend to accumulate the most beat up possible copies of all my favorite books and apply tape, glue, and prayer to hold them together for me so I can read them again and again. If I happen across a worse copy than I already own of a favorite book, I keep the worse one and sell the better one.


With Lego, I'm the exact opposite - I want the nicest possible version I can get for display and will trade up as I can to get it (if I can't get it new).


The difference, I suppose, is between use (books) and display as art (Lego).

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