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Deal of the Decade!!! (Graded LEGO sets)


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I don't much see the point in this. While there might be a bigger market someday for graded LEGO sets, there will always be a much bigger market for people who want to open and build sets.


I don't see the niche here being worth all of the time and risk involved, unless you're the grading company selling the grading services.

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I love collectibles and all, but to me, grading items like coins and comics is more relevant because generally those types of collectibles have some level of deterioration due to use and so on, and also, the grading is for the actual item, not the packaging the item comes in. Brand spanking new Lego sets, unless damaged by an employee, are ALL going to grade a high 9.something, so really, I could care less if my box is a 9.6 or a 9.8 or a 9.9.

You may argue that 30 years down the road, more boxes will be in a grade 8 or less due to various factors, so having that high designation now is worth something later. Possibly, but the wild card is how many remakes of your graded set will be done in the next 30 years? I think the more remakes, the lower your ceiling for value, graded or not.

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