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So, the other day my local pharmacy abruptly (read: in the middle of the night) closed shop. While researching who to hire as my new dealer, I stumbled upon Target's pharmacy deal. You guys may already know about this, but it was news to me so I'm throwing it out there. Apparently, for every 5 prescriptions you have filled at Target, you get a certificate or something for 5% off your entire purchases at Target for a whole day. This 5% is stackable with red card 5%. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

But here's the fine print: this program doesn't apply to NY and NJ. FML!!!! But hopefully some of you who don't live in these 2 states can benefit.

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I've used this. Once you fill your 5th prescription, they snail-mail you the 5% off certificate, which you can indeed use for a whole day at as many different targets as you like. A nice bonus - they also send you a promo code to use online for 5% (one order only), and it also stacks with redcard. Downside is you only have a month before the coupons expire.

Still, I find that since I can buy from amazon with no tax, it's mostly a wash. Unless target has a big sale or something while your coupon is still good.

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