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Stargate in LEGO?


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To start with, here is my 1st ever topic. (Yahoo!)

Now to get back on track....

Last week, I literally stumbled across info on these oddities:

BEST-LOCK Stargate: SG-1 "Earth" Set

BEST-LOCK Stargate: SG-1 "Jaffa Versus SG-1" Set

BEST-LOCK Stargate: SG-1 "Death-Glider Attack" Set

BEST-LOCK Stargate: Atlantis "BC-304 Daedalus" Set


Apparently, BEST-LOCK (the absolute WORST knockoff in existance, right behind SUPERBLOX) is doing sets based on the "Stargate" TV series spinoffs. I have absolutely no idea how the heck a company like this could get a license like "Stargate". (They were not approached by MGM, that's for damn sure!)

True to BEST-LOCK form, the designs are the same quality as the bricks themselves, horrible. The three 'different' SG-1 sets follow the same pattern as most of their other sets of reusing designs over & over again, and the minifigs are just their basic military men! (Whoopee, there's some new minigun that they probably 'burrowed' from OXFORD like they did for all their other weapons!) I'll admit the "Daedalus" set looks interesting at best, but then again lousy quality.

I'm sure you noticed that it's the SEARS Canadian website. Well, it seems they got first dibs (big whoop) on these sets. Us, Americans, will have to wait later this year for them. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be a SEARS exclusive or not. But then again, I remember Toys R Us USED to be the only place you could get BEST-LOCK. Now even Walmart & Target carry quite a few BEST-LOCK sets, atleast online anyway.

For myself, I honestly think "Stargate" themed sets would be really cool, IF LEGO did them.

Hell, they might be cool even if MEGA BLOKS did them.

But as it stands with BEST-LOCK behind the wheel of this crazy train right now, well, all I can say is


Now for a more accurate (& awesome) "Stargate" set, check out this MOC...

Stargate: A LEGO creation by Kelly McKiernan

(MOCpages.com) (deviantArt.com)


On a somewhat related side-note, here's another set I came across...

BEST-LOCK "The Terminator - Judgement Day" Set

.....damn, here's another license that would be so awesome IF LEGO WAS DOING IT!

Oh well.

Anyway, I created a poll for this topic because I would like to know what you think.

Do you think "Stargate" would make for an interesting LEGO theme?

Are there certain sets or ideas you would like to see?

Do you think they would be good investments or duds?

Good or bad, I'll listen.

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