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So I did not know duplo was mega money ... $1,100 for this???


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Not to go off topic too much, but this reminded me, we have some family friends with kids (now outgrown) who were selling a large bulk lot of basic Duplo during their garage sale this summer. Needless to say, we worked out a deal... :thumbsup: I`m not nessessarily a fan of them, but I wasn`t about to let anything from Lego slide by at that cheap. Cost me $5 and Brother`s In Arms Hell`s Highway for the XBox (the dad`s a gamer, I`m no longer but kept most of my games) for about 80-100 pieces. No shame what-so-ever!


Back on topic. $1100 actually surprises me, and many I`m sure. Cafe Corner anyone? 

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Guest eightbrick

I have no idea why someone paid that much for the set, it is quite ridiculous actually. The Brickpicker average price for this set is 101 flat, but currently the set only has one other new listing for about half that price. This appears to be a recent trend: while the last 6 months of Bricklink data suggests a price  83 dollars, the lowest currently available Bricklink listing is 111.92 (http://www.bricklink.com/catalogPG.asp?S=4776-1). If people buying them on eBay for 1000 bucks starts to become commonplace, it might be a good idea to take a couple off the hands of some bricklinkers. A real eye-opener for me, thanks for bringing this up.

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Firstly, to stay on the topic of the post, DUPLO can make money for sure. It's often overlooked and therefor discounted at some point, and there are certainly collectors for it so for the most part it follow the LEGO rule of 30% pretty good, 50% almost anything goes, 70% take it all and run!


Now, for this particular listing in question... I've noticed this seller's listings on eBay more than once, and wondered to myself, "does anyone actually buy these sets at these prices?" Turns out they do. I just searched his most recent sales, and here are a couple of highlights of the crazy high priced sets sold in the past few weeks buy this one seller. Makes you wonder. Possibly international sales, but still wouldn't explain why they wouldn't just buy it from a different seller for half the price or less? Very odd.







BTW, I have all of these sets in my inventory and would be psyched to sell any of em for those prices. Dang.



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Is this under sold listings? My mobile eBay app doesn't allow me to check, i highly doubt that someone paid anywhere near that amount for this set, I doubt anyone even pays the bricklink price.

I don't see it either under sold listings either and I'm on my computer. 


The seller has now relisted the set for $500.98. Crazy.


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That is a crazy price for this set. However the Castle and Pirate theme as well as the Dino themed Duplos are very hard to get ahold compared to lots of other duplos. I'd say this was someone being crazy and someone else being silly and clicking to buy it. I doubt anyone actually went home with any money. I tried to find some castle and dino theme sets for my son earlier this year and it's pretty hard to find anything cheap. 


 I'm not sure why Lego isn't hitting the market hard with this stuff. Castle & Pirate themed Duplos would do really well. Thankfully they finally came out with Jake & TNLP sets this year. They also need to do a DC/Marvel superhero line. Anyone else have kids obsessed with Imaginex? Their DC superheros line is pretty hot right now. The figures are pretty much the same size and as posable  as dublos and Lego already has a license for these themes.

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BTW Jamaica NY is the shipping location of the only item I've ever been scammed out of on ebay. Very low income, high crime area. However this seller looks like they are legit, maybe a little crazy but legit enough.

Tht seller is all over Craigslist by me. I know exactly who you're talking about. All of the listings seem legit but there's no way they are.

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