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I couldn't find any topics about this. Are there any sets that are good for quick flips? 


This is tough - it depends on what you are willing to do and wait for, etc.


Some sets you can part out and make money.

Some sets you can sell to other countries and make money

Sometimes you can wait for a really good deal and sell them on Ebay.


Tough to really target a set for a quick flip - more you have to just be "deal-aware".


One really good way is to buy lots on Ebay. Check them out - you can get some good discounts. Then you put time and effort into selling each set in a really good detailed listing and you come out on top.

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Sure. Just find a set that sells for a price higher than MSRP, and there you go: a quick flip. Now, really any set can be quick flipped. Quick flipping for profit is a different story though. Do a little digging and you will find out. Use the search bar in the upper right corner of each forum page. There is one large discussion about a particular set. Actually there are a few such threads. (hint, hint, exclusive set...)

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Guest eightbrick

The last time I flipped a set, when I was really mad at my husband, hundreds of tiny plastic pieces went EVERYWHERE, to the great amusement of the cats.


It took a long time to pick them up. I don't recommend flipping Lego sets.

Took me a minute to get that lol. Personally, I prefer flipping over holding them for a long time - especially since my arms tire easily.

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You meant like this ?



I seriously hate this video. I feel like my life is sad, but I literally cringe and want to cry when I see that. 


1. You mixed sets together. I don't play that @#$%. Sets are meant to be separated and built and left built in my book. I can't mix stuff together - it's like mixing darks and lights...in that it makes me vomit.


2. You just wasted 30 hours of building time.


3. You threw $400 dollars into another $400.


I can watch demolition derbies between corvettes.


Knock over priceless china? Hell yeah I would love to


Crash one of my lego sets into another, I will literally end you. lol

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I couldn't find any topics about this. Are there any sets that are good for quick flips? 


Alright, just a lesson that if you are vague with your question, forum sarcasm runs rampant. Ending it, I will add to my first answer that was serious with a little more.


If you are wanting to make quick money, legos are not the greatest thing out there. People know Legos are huge and Lego themselves does a great job of keeping things in stock to meet demand, so there are not big periods where you can buy sets from your store and flip them online or something of that nature.


So what does work well?


- clearance. If you find sets on clearance that are cheap enough, you can quickly make a lot of money. Take all the people finding stuff for 80% off at their Kroger Marketplace. If you find a bunch of stuff for that cheap, you can easily flip it for a good profit.


- Buying things and selling them to people who can't get them in their area: This one really works the best international. I have noticed since I joined the GSP program on Ebay, I have been able to sell things at a higher price because International people will buy them - special people from Australia becuasse of how jacked up their prices are. So if you find a popular set that seems to be much cheaper in the US than everywhere else, you can pop it online and sell it internationally.


- There are a few sets that sell for more than retail - Right now these would be the tower bridge (out of stock right now), orc forge, minecraft and a few others. If you can find these in stock in your area, you can make a decent profit.


The conclusion - Lego is not something you can always quick flip. To make real money, you have to hold sets. Flipping definitely can net you a profit, but it is an insane amount of work and research to know what to do. And you have to be ready to hold items if they don't immediately sell, and be prepared to be wrong a decent amount. 

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Guest eightbrick

I will save you the time of doing research........best quick flip is 10179

Really? I thought Mr. Gold was better for quick-flippin'. Pay 2-3 bucks and you can turn around a minute later and put it up on eBay for 600+. Percent gained-wise, it's off the chain. :D

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I was being sarcastic about 10179 being a quick flip lol.....in my opinion 10179 would be an extremely difficult quick flip due to the fact that it's nearly impossible to find someone willing to sell the set to you at a price point that you can quickly turn around and make money on. And yes, shipping 10179 is a pain!

Mr. Gold has my vote for one of the best quick flips we've seen recently. Cheap purchase price and easy to ship!

41999 has been a great quick flip as well, and will continue to be if Lego stops releasing them.

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