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Argos (in UK) has 3 for 2 on all Toys - ends tomorrow


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Hi, Think this has already been covered in the news section, but Argos in UK has 3 for 2 on all toys (based on reserve-to-collect-in-store basis).


Includes Lego, of which they have many of the new August release sets, and they also stock the 7939 Cargo Train, and 10225 R2-D2, both at [email protected] prices.


This does end Tuesday (tomorrow) though so be quick.


I'm out of cash etc till next month, but hope others in UK can benefit.



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Its a bit of a scam on the big sets no shop has 3 of the big set in stock like r2 d2.

I went into my local Argos tried to pick up a r2 d2, cargo train, and technic crane mk2,

They said I couldn't have the deal as 2 off the items were not in stock, they would have them delivered the day after the deal ends.

So no deal, Which to be honest is what I expected.

I also checked another 2 stores in my area, same story.

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Glad I could help - so I get 31012 as a finder's fee right?....  ;)


I would give it to you, but I want it for myself :)


'll be sure to post about any deals I find next month when you have some cash to spend.  Sound fair?


BTW, I also just reserved Friends Heartlake High, City Museum Break In and Turtle's Lair attack (all

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