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Name That Brick Feature

Jeff Mack


From the suggestion made by Willy431 yesterday, we are going to trial a new forum type.  It is a "Best Answer" feature.  We would like this forum to be used to help one another identify unknown parts, bulk pieces for sale, and unknown questions to be answered.  Please be as detailed in your questions when you post your finds.  Obviously images will be quite important to post so that people can help you out quickly.


Please refer to the few examples that are currently in the forum to see what we are talking about:



Rules of the forum:

  • Legitimate questions only.  No questions like "What is your favorite LEGO?", or "What number is the USC Falcon".  Questions like that will result in -500 Brickpoints :)
  • Details, links, images required
  • Admins, mods and the original thread starter can approve the correct answer
  • Correct answers are valued at 50 Brickpoints
  • You will be sent a notification if your answer is selected and receive the Brickpoints
  • If the wrong answer is picked and a better one is provided, you can reverse the answer and pick a new one.  The Brickpoints will be subtract and the member will be notified
  • The correct answer post is marked at the top of the thread and highlighted in green


Hopefully this will prove to be an informative and helpful one.

Thank you!

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