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31313 - Mindstorms EV3


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205 @ amazon Uk - pretty good deal


Yup! Got myself one :) and to make the deal sweeter my Ikano credit card is running a campaign giving 30 % off everything bought in a bookstore, including Amazon. Thought you might like to know... Well maybe not since I don't think there are a lot of Swedes here, with that exact card, but still.

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Can anyone tell me if the motors on the ev3 are different from the motors on the nxt? Have the motors also been changed? We're doing the Lego FLL competition. We have an ev3 and we want to build a exact duplicate robot. So we'd have 2 robots. But we're short on ev3 motors but we have extra next motors we could use if they are identical. Thanks for your advise. Chris.

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According to Bricklink...


(EV3 inventory)



(NXT 2.0 inventory)



They are not the same. EV3 comes with an extra motor and the "large" motor in the EV3 is a different shape than what shows for NXT and NXT 2.0. Now if you're wondering if the NXT motors are compatible with the EV3 system, yes they are:



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19 minutes ago, znjndmawn said:

With the announcement of 51515, should we sell our stocks of EV3s investment-wise?

Errrr.... Yes.

Mindstorms is definitely not a long-term investment theme, it's simply a quick flip if you get it cheap enough. 

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