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Technic 42008 Service Truck /42009 Mobile Crane MK II found in TRU

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just want to let you guys know that Technic 42008 Service Truck and 42009 Mobile Crane MK II found in Toys R Us.


Of course, with the markup.


42008 $139.99

42009 $239.99

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I was at the north attleboro chima build event Saturday (which was packed---and tons of kids were begging for and getting chima products to my surprise) and saw a kid of about 12 talk his parents into the crane. But dad...it's not even out in this country yet.....yes it is son...it's right there! So to answer my question of who the f. Would spend 240 plus 6% tax..on that---there it was. I notice I bite my tongue a lot now at tru. I feel like explaining things to people all the time..but would probably sound like a weirdo. A fool and his money parted ways today...I was a little sad. Felt like telling him to wait a week, and I would send one to his house for 212. And a Free galaxy squad poly included. Would have kept the lego and credit card points.

Aren't these going to retail for 200? obviously they will be much cheaper on amzn. Esp uk!

On another note....I want one bad....but can wait a few months for a real price. Looks incredible!

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