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Kinda defeats the purpose of investing IMO.....then again a person who would buy this set at that price probably isn't an investor lol

Quite the contrary, if you owned this set from new, you would triple or quadruple your money. Buying an old set, that is retired and appreciated for years is a crap shoot, but there are plenty of retired sets that have been on the market for years and still increase in value every year. I am that person who buys these kinds of sets. I look for rare LEGO sets that will appreciate, even at high prices. There is money to be made with high priced sets.

I'll give you a personal example that I use quite a lot. Two years ago, I bought a Cafe Corner for $600. That's a lot of money for a LEGO set and many would have questioned it at the time. Well now that $600 set is worth $1100. See my point? It's worth what someone is willing to pay and there are many ways to make money investing in LEGO sets, not just buying new sets and waiting for EOL. ;-)

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