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Shout out! What state are you in?(Australia)


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Hello all Australian Lego enthusiasts


I have posted a few times in the Australia only forum, yet feedback has been low. 


Just wondering how many of us Aussies are out there and what state people are in. The more people we know the more aware we can be of our specific sales, considering the dropping dollar. 


I myself am in WA. 


Anyone else??

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Heya i'm in WA as well


just got back into lego after about a 20yr break! 


looking to invest in a large set soon, am thinking either TB or the ltd edition 4x4 coming out in august 


i missed the target 50% off hobbit sale recently which was a bummer!!

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hey Shaka and dinorider2600. 


Appreciate your responses in the Aussie forum section. We are small bunch and the more of us that communicate, the more deals we can find and let each other know about. The target sale for example. 


20 years thats a long dark age. Welcome to the light :)


Shaka are you NOR or SOR?

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Sounds good keep each other posted I hate the dark ages I went through a mini one last year and sold 35 Star Wars sets that were in my collection and most were uce, like the star destroyer, Death Star 2, falcon, snow speeder, y wing and others. I made good money but felt a hole in my heart so I managed to buy back most sets only missing on 4 it's taken me over 6 months but that mini dark age is over thank god. I wish lego prices here in Australia were like the USA we pay too much and it sucks not every set is released here to.

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sure if you can provide a list that would be great.


i was hoping to get the VW campervan from Myer but they sold out Australia wide!!!!  i'm still tempted to get it directly from lego, i think it will do very well once it goes eol.


Also, Myer has a buy 2 get 1 free sale on now although you have to pay the full price rather than the discounted price but it may still be worth it. i was contemplating the kingdoms joust, grand prix racer and horizon express as part of this deal.


i'm still undecided on the tower bridge at the full retail price. 


my budget is fairly low and since i can only afford one large set or a couple of mid size sets i need to make sure its a wise investment

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Local web sites:





These 2 are the best for new sets and generally discounted. They do ship nationwide. Shopforme has free shipping after 150 and outrim has capped shipping at $10





These 2 are generally retail prices, but again capped shipping. These 2 have sets that are EOL or hard to find. 


Also dont forget Bricklink




You will need to go to search and to save on shipping cost, select sellers in Australia.


Hope that helps guys


Also shaka yes Camper Van will be hit, I already have several. LB same, but not EOL yet. Camper van will be first to go. I have kingdom Joust, it doesnt sell well. The people that are interested in castle / Knights is low, likewise for trains. I am not saying they do not exist, but not as high as people who like star wars, city, ninjago.


If myer has buy 2 get 1 free that is 33% off and Horizon train for retails is 160. 160 x 3 = 480 - 33% = 158.4 Thus each sets cost 107. That is better than the toy sale when I got 2 for 120. BUY BUY BUY.

You could potentially flip for 140 around xmas and make some easy money. 

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Hi guys do you collect as well as investing, and if so what themes do you collect, I myself collect Star Wars only missing 35 set for the entire collection, lord of the rings / hobbit, monster fighters, super hero dc and marvel and teenage mutant ninja turtles. I only collected Star Wars but last year started collecting other themes wish I hd more cash to buy more any ways that's my collection let me know yours

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Hey all, I'm from Melbourne too.

One store to take note of that I haven't seen mentioned before is www.mightyape.com.au

They have a reasonably large number of sets and some good deals occasionally.

I recently grabbed some Winter Village Cottages at $114 from them.

Also of note is Shopforme has the Opera House advertised for 20% off already, don't have the funds to grab a bunch yet though.

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Hi all,

I'm in QLD and whilst a long time buyer of lego, I'm only now starting to collect and buy to sell.

I only just saw this thread.

Is there a specific thread for Aussies? I really struggle to find any sensible advice for our neck of the woods. I currently sell a bit on ebay, mainly parts, and want to start a store with Bricklink but I think it will take me forever to set up.

I'm keen to chat and swap lego gossip!

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Welcome to our new members. 


This is currently the only section for Aussies, there are a few threads all found under Australia on forum page. 


Dino I collect star wars and city. Star wars is my main one and have practically all the sets from 2008 onwards, most of the early sets from 1999 to 2004 are really poorly designed (IMO) and hold no interest to me.


Yahveh - the sellers I mentioned I have bought from before (outerrim and shopforme) there shipping and packaging have always been spot on for me. I pre ordered UCS X-wing and all the new Star wars sets for 25% off a few months ago, but the dont ship till sep. I am more than happy to wait. I may pre order Sydney opera house, but feel i may be able to get it cheaper as I want purely for investment.


Wardy - I also am a long time collector, I never stopped since I started when i was 4. I only bought a few sets a year till about 3 years ago and the bug hit me big time. My only mistake before that time, I bought city, space police, aqua raiders, exoforce and never bought much star wars - how i kick myself now. 

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