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Does anybody recall the real selling price of jays blue plane? I know msrp was 25...but were these readily available much cheaper? I found and bought 4 @ walmart today for 17...thinking they were a score (didn't have my phone <Brickpicker>) to check and bought on a hunch. I might return them...I thought it was a $34 set...not a $24. Wondering if 17 was the normal retail at walmart as these weren't in clearance section.

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Yes...saw that.....but there aren't many legos sold for retail. What is retail on ninjago epic dragon...$130? We are getting those easy for 90 or even 77 today. Just wondering if anyone remembered the real retail price of these. Looks like I may get 30 on eBay..so I guess I'll hold them. I stoped at another walmart and found it odd that they had 14 more of these! Again..not clearanced. Maybe I will snag a few more...don't want all of them though. If anyone in mass/ri wants any..pm me and I'll give You the address

Anybody remember roughly when these retired?

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