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Conclusion - So I sent YOYO pictures of the 3 sets I got from them as well as the boxes they were shipped in.  I also even gave them my opinion on the idea that the air packs could be causing the damage because of how tightly they are packed.  I received an email yesterday stating the following:


"Thank you for sending the pictures over we really appreciate it. After speaking with my supervisor and showing him the pics he thinks it is best to refund and not attempt to ship again. I have emailed you 2 prepaid return labels. To return what you would like of the sets. I will process your refund right away. If you need help finding these items elsewhere please let me know. I am so very sorry for the inconvenience !"


I replied back stating that it sounds to me like the manager just thinks I'm being picky; however, I expect the condition to be similar to what I would buy off a store shelf.  I also don't understand why they don't think it's a shipping issue.  Instead saying they don't want to attempt another shipment.  I mean isn't that a critical part of their business?  So that tells me they just want to cut their losses with me as a customer.  That's really disappointing.


To be fair, they were super nice and responsive through all of this.  I do have to give them credit for that.  In the end they just couldn't fix the problem or chose not to.

That's interesting.  You aren't out the money and they get their damaged sets back.  It's an interesting move.  They still take overall losses on shipping, but I'm sure they have a reason that fits their business model.  I'd still buy from yoyo.com.  

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