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Yes, equal in quality of element production, possibly better in resisting color fading, and during the 80's, while Lego was in the duldrums, Oxford was considered better period. Lego has of course bounced back in quality control, with massive investments in better injection molds.

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Yeah I'm a big trek fan, and I've wanted Lego to pick up that license for years. I think the reason they haven't is because they knew they could make more money off of the Star Wars franchise and of course there was no Star Trek movie at the time they got that license(other than probably that last next-gen movie, Nemesis). So the easy pick was Star Wars and they're so entrenched with that there's little financial reason for them to do Star Trek. And now Kreo has them.....ugh. Purely as a dream model, I've always wondered if it was possible to design a full scale 1701 enterprise with legos with full playability. I mean full scale with respect to the minifigs.

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