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79105 - Baxter Robot Rampage

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If you have to buy 1 set from TMNT it's that one. I like it alot but it's steeply priced. It depends on the price you pay. Half price is reasonable imo. I'm not even sure you will need to part it out. It might perform as a set too.


The thing with TMNT is that everyone is put off by the CAGR for Europe.I'm not. People rather put their money in safe super heroes sets. And so do I, but I just kept 2 complete 0-5 sets with flashback shredder minifig (promo) and an extra Baxter's Robot that I built in stock.


I guess it could not hurt your wallet much to buy them at such a low price. I paid around 110

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the set hasn't really seemed to look like it will do all that great. Honestly I am surprised they sunk so much into a tmnt theme considering the other licenses that are out there for grabs.


Parting out - don't. Its worthless. TMNT stuff sells slower than Chima, Castle, and other middling themes.

But for 79105 at least you get a cool robot and just a few of that dreadful theme's minifigs. Still don't understand why Baxter is a black guy... Wasn't he a fly?

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Still don't understand why Baxter is a black guy... Wasn't he a fly?

Baxter originally was black and at one point became a cyborg in the comics by Mirage but for the 1980's animated series they made him white and eventually into a fly for some reason. The change of race is believed to be for how racist it may have looked with Shredder bossing him around and even giving threats. It was the 80's after all and they couldn't afford to be politically incorrect in a children's television show.
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The CAGR and lack of demand is misleading b/c nothing has retired yet.  You can still get everything at a store.

TMNT will do great!!

You have said it before and I will second it again. I think TMNT is the biggest sleeper theme at the moment. Extremely popular franchise mixed with lack of reseller investment could make some of these sets monsters.

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