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8096 - Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle


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The set was released in 2010, I'm assuming that it was retired a few months ago, not enough to make profits as probably there are a few left on certain stores. From my little experience in investing, it's too soon to say if it will or won't gain value in the future.

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I must say I am a little disappointed in this set as far as investing goes. Should I just sell it and put the money towards a better investment prospect? Does anyone think that this set will ever make me any money? I really just want to get rid of it, any insight???

Set 8096, Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle is a recent set that won't show much growth early. Patience is a virtue and in any sort of investing, you need to have it with a set like this. This set is nothing special to be quite honest, but it has shown some growth as of late and will probably continue to do so, but don't expect huge gains.
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