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Gandalf Arrives EOL


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From what I've been able to gather from previous posts I would not put much faith in this one as it's main attractive, Gandalf, is available in several other sets.


If you'd like to jump on some, go ahead, but I would be cautious.

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I bought some when Tesco had them 50% off. Weeks later the same store had them on clearance but only 30% off. Still full price at ASDA today, but the MK lego store was clearing them yesterday, also 30% off. They had approx 10 left.

Buy the paper on Saturday, ritually burn it, keep the minifigure :)

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Yeah, I don't think this set will perform that well. I do have one just to have a complete series, but I will not be attempting to find anymore. In other news, now is the time to swoop in and buy all of the orc forges that you can get your hands on. The set is listed as "retiring soon" on LEGO Shop at Home. It was placed on that list yesterday.

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