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I got 30% off @ Lego retail stores this weekend on non-exclusives, what to get?

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Well how about picking up a few $3 mini figures? They are harder to find in sale I think. Or you could get the Millennium Falcon.


He is limited to 5 items per deal so it is best not waste it on small things..



How about Robie House ?


Sounds like we need a POLL !!!!! :jig:

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I get 30% off on 5 sets this weekend but not on exclusives, what should I get?


Don't ask how I get the discount, I'm not allowed to say.


Heck, even my Soprano-like connections can get me 30% off.  Lego sets just don't fall off trucks in Phila, NJ, or Del.

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51% off.  Are they really 30% off? If so, I need to make a trip!

Gold star that person. Or... Take a mr gold. I got 900% hehe :D

My local store was selling EOL stock at 30% off. But it's pot luck. I got 2 9472s and a B wing. But that store did not have any HDs.

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HH just dropped 2 cents like the Death Star.

Who the hell determines a 2 cents price drop? Seriously. Even if 1,000 units sold at 179.97 (instead of 179.99), they are looking at $200 less. Not much loss on nearly $180k of revenue so why bother?

All we can do is hope this turns into a larger price drop.

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