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I got 30% off @ Lego retail stores this weekend on non-exclusives, what to get?

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I had 15% off there last weekend on anything (although only 1 of each exclusive) and I picked up an R2D2 (for investing), a VW Camper (for investing), Palace Cinema (to build or to invest, haven't decided) and a tower bridge to build with the wife.


I get 30% off on 5 sets this weekend but not on exclusives, what should I get?


Don't ask how I get the discount, I'm not allowed to say.

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Some guy near me has this too...and flips them on craigslist.  He won't say either.   Go to boston craigslist and search lego framingham.  Met him a couple times for great deals. He said he always gets 15 and 30% deals at lego store.  I asked if he worked there and he said he couldn't say.

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That would be an exclusive. I would got with First wave LOTR stuff, Yellow Cargo Train and some Vampyre Castles if you do not own any already.

You are correct, anything starting with 10xxx is an exclusive and not eligible for the discount. They didn't have any Cargo trains at my local store (or Horizon Expresses for that matter). I'll look in to Vampyre Castles, although I feel that I'll be able to find them on clearance soon at Meijer, Target and Walmart.



how bout arkham asylum or a haunted house


Both exclusives.

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I can see that this was a mistake. forget I asked.


Don't sweat it man, thems just be jealous  :camp:   Don't reveal your sources if you don't want or can't.


There have been some good responses though.  I'd go with some 9450 Epic Dragon Battles myself or maybe a large Friends set even.

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